Angelina Jolie & Asprey Jewelry

Angelina Jolie Jewelry which not only targeted to women jewelry, but also targeted to men as well. Brand Pitt, Angelina Jolie’s husband, also work for the British company for a jewelry line called Asprey.

Both lines, Angelina Jolie Jewelry (by Angelina Jolie) and Asprey (by Brad Pitt) are mainly designed based mainly on one reptile features, snake. Snake character has been popular in jewelry design for a long time. Not a big surprise to see lots of them in the couple’s collection.

The Angelina Jolie Jewelry line has been name as “The protector”. As snake is a symbol of power, and also, protection. It has been extensively used in temples and worship places as a source of power and protection. Both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt also believe in the power of snake, to protect their entire family. Thus, this symbol has been used a lot in her own collection.

The line collections contained all accessories for everybody, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings with a symbol of snake on each pieces. They are all made of gold, silver and also colorful stones, for example onyx, emeralds and diamonds. They are all having their own set of each piece all together. You can choose one set for you, if you’re interested in their collections.

Based on what people believe in each jewelry form, snake and knot together would indicated in permanent and long-term commitment which is important for most people. So, they would go easily for these collections. Even the designer, Jolie is fully aware of these signs and symbols. Her body tattoos is certainly contain these sign, which indicated on what she believes with and bring her inspiration about jewelry design on these symbol.