Fall 2011 Jewelry Trend Report

Fall 2011 jewelry trends seem to be very interesting, bringing in some bold changes in the way people would perceive jewelry. There are some strong themes and patterns that one can find in these changes and the new jewelry designs are certainly going to take the fashion world by storm come fall of 2011. One of the strongest trends would be of bold jewelry which is huge, colorful and also distinct whether it is in design or in the shape. These jewelry items would tend to stand out, good examples, being extra long earrings and oversized bracelets.

Another of the fall 2011 jewelry trends is the use of strong motifs with a nice mix of various elements. Don’t be surprised if you see interesting shapes like elephants, snakes and bugs along with flowers and birds in the jewelry designs this fall. In fact, these shapes and symbols would have to be used intelligently and elegantly to suit the outfit and the occasion as much as possible. The fad of layered necklaces is another of the popular fall 2011 jewelry trends. This trend is getting hotter as necklaces become more elaborate with intricate designs and several different strands or layers being added to them.

There are two very interesting fall jewelry trends that would surprise a lot of people and would be a hit with some. The oversized rings and retro style, oversized jewelry is certainly back. In fact, when it comes to jewelry more seems to be better and a lot of people would be seen with heavy, complex jewelry designs so different from the slender chains and thin bands of the yesteryear. The big hoop earrings and their popularity are testimony of the same fact too as people aren’t really shy of wearing what they want to. Along with hoops, tassels are also growing in popularity whether it is in costumes or in jewelry. A lot of people would also want to go for all metal jewelry, both yellow and gold.

Interestingly though, size and shape are going to take a few people by surprise. There are some unique shapes of jewelry that will be seen. This includes square and star shaped, bangles and earrings which haven’t been seen until now. The modern day jewelry is more about bling and statement jewelry seems to be the order of the day. Some tribal and earthy designs along with the use of coral, pearls, garnet and tourmaline are also gaining popularity. courtesy of JewellweryGems