Rose Gold Jewelry | Rose Gold Rings Make Distinctive Engagement Rings

Gold is a yellow metal in its natural unalloyed state. However, it is a very soft metal, which means that can be easily made into different shapes. This quality, together with its natural beauty has made gold one of the most popular metals for jewelry making since early times. However, pure 24 karat gold, is rarely if ever used in jewelry making. being a soft metal, it easily loses its shape. This means that detailed designs etched into its surface are quickly rubbed away and any gemstones set into it, fall out and are easily lost. This is obviously undesirable, especially for expensive gemstones such as diamonds!

To overcome this shortcoming, and improve its strength and suitability for jewelry manufacture, gold is typically alloyed with at least one other metal before use. The nature of the alloy, its color and the relative amount of it determine the properties and color of the resultant gold. And one of the prettiest metal alloys used, is copper. This metal is a rich reddish brown color. It gives a distinctive tint to the resultant gold, which ranges in color from red to pink. This is rose gold. it is also called red gold or pink gold. The pretty pinkish red hue of rose gold makes it look very feminine and makes it particularly suitable for women's jewelry. However, the deeper red tints are increasingly used in men's jewelry too.