Spring Wedding Jewelry and Wedding Jewelry Accessories

Every bride needs a little bag in which to stash her essentials and there are plenty of cute options for spring. A vintage beaded bag with pastel blossoms would be absolutely charming. If vintage is not your style, consider a slim clutch in ivory with a jeweled clasp. The bag only needs to be large enough for your lipstick, compact, and a couple of tissues, so this is one time when you can go for style over function in a bag. The perfect bridal jewelry and wedding accessories will be just what you need to complete your spring wedding ensemble. Spring weddings are just around the corner! You probably have a lot of your major choices made for your wedding already, and now is the time to decide on the special details. This is a look at spring wedding jewelry and accessories for brides.

Spring weather tends to be unpredictable, so it can be wise to have a wrap or cover up in your collection of wedding accessories. A sheer organza wrap embroidered with flowers would be absolutely exquisite. It is a lovely alternative to the standard pashmina. Another gorgeous option is to wear a very sheer chiffon capelet over the bridal gown for a bit of warmth. Choose one which is studded with glittering Swarovski crystals for a look which is right on trend this season. Brides who prefer a more tailored style will adore a sheer lace shrug which is fitted to the body. A lace shrug is lovely with a lace-trimmed bridal gown naturally, but it is equally gorgeous with a plain silk gown.