1) Stud earrings are a style of earrings that is timeless and always in style. These earrings consist of some type of decoration attached to a stud. Very often the decoration is a gemstone such as a diamond or pearl, but this is not always the case. Stud earrings are often the style of choice for brides, but they are also popular amongst women who like the understated elegance they give.

2) Dangle earrings are a fancier type of earring which attach to the ear via a hook or post. They are called as such because they hang from the ear. Dangle earrings come in numerous designs and styles, some of the most common of which feature different gemstones or some kind of fancy ornamentation. These earrings are usually more subject to fashion trends, mainly because they aren’t always made with precious stones.

3) Pearl earrings are the most popular earrings amongst brides or romantics due to the symbolic associations attached to the pearl. They come in numerous styles, including the previous two styles.

4) Hoop earrings are a style of earring which never fades from style. This is because they may come in large and small sizes and may be considered appropriate for almost every woman. Hoop earrings consist of a hoop that goes through the ear and has a latch which locks the earring in place. These earrings are sometimes studded with gemstones, although the stones are usually considerably smaller than those used in other earring types.