Trend For Diamond Ring | Ruby Wedding Rings

The word ruby comes form the Latin word "rubens" which means "red." Ruby red is a color in itself and is used to refer to brilliant reds that are warm and fiery in color. The stone also symbolizes fire and blood, which of course equates to erotic and sexual passion. The flashing of its natural fire also symbolizes the beating of the human heart. A diamond and ruby wedding ring set is the perfect mix of Fire and Ice. Rubies are also rare gemstones and much rarer than diamonds. In a way their specialness says something about that once in a lifetime love. It is also a very durable stone with excellent hardness so like a diamond it is worth your investment.

Diamond and ruby wedding rings also have a bit of a cachet when it comes to being popular with the funky or new age set. A ruby band is the perfect gift of jewellry for a woman who is a Buddhist or Hindu. This is because for the longest time, rubies came from India. In fact in Sanskrit, the Ruby is called the "ratnarj" which means the "King of the Gemstones." The red color of a ruby can be attributed to the presence of a combination of or any number of the following elements in the stone: iron, titanium, vanadium and chrome. Rubies that contain chrome have the deepest red color. However they are also the smallest rubies as too much of this element causes the stones to crack while they are growing. That is why it is so rare to find a large bright red ruby. In fact the smaller the ruby you buy, the more chrome it is likely to contain and the redder it is likely to be.