25th Wedding Anniversary Jewelry | 50th Wedding Anniversary Jewelry

Congratulations! You've done it through a quarter-century with your spouse - it's time to celebrate! This anniversary milestone is very easy to plan, whether you're planning a big party with all your friends and family, a romantic dinner for the two of you, or even if you are simply exchanging gifts with your loved one to commemorate the event.

Silver is usually the color of the item in planning a celebration of 25 anniversary. Fortunately, silver party decorations and gifts are easily found throughout the year. Use silver glitter to add sparkle to the flowers, cards, centerpieces, gift wrap, balloons, etc. Party Set tables with tablecloths disposable silverware, porcelain and glass with silver or chrome rent (or economic use Chinet silver-ware for easy cleaning), and the use of silver candles or flowers placed in silver vases as centerpieces. Iris is the traditional flower for a 25th wedding anniversary, but you can replace silver or white roses and spray paint the stems and leaves of silver. If you are planning a birthday cake, do not forget silver cake topper!