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To understand the difference between 14K and 18K gold, you must understand the composition of the metal. 24K is 100% pure gold. While gold is a very strong metal, is also the most malleable. The extreme malleability and softness of pure gold is virtually useless in the manufacture of jewelry. To be able to use it for jewelry applications, manufacturers mix gold with other metals to harden. The difference between 14K and 18K is the amount of gold compared to the amount of metals used:

24K = 100% Gold
18K gold = 75% and 25% of another metal
14K = 58.3% gold and other metals 41.67%

The other alloying metals (molten or mixed) with the gold going to change the color of the metal end, and this is how the color of yellow gold and white gold are achieved. The proportion of gold from other metals remains the same for the yellow and white gold.