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It can be hard to believe, but the traditions that gave birth to the Celtic designs that many consider the date and trendy fashion back to the 1st century BC. At that time, the Celts were considered a key race in much of Europe and has contributed greatly to the development of language, customs and religion in the Western world. When the Saxons invaded Britain, where Christianity had been well established in the 4th century AD, the Celts fled to Wales, but carries a strong Christian tradition that is still evident in modern wedding bands.

In those days, much of Celtic folklore and beliefs and was integrated into Christian culture. One of the artistic products of this union was the "Celtic trinity knot" pattern on their wedding rings, where three interwoven lines synonymous with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. At the same time, the knots also symbolizes the idea of ​​eternity in the minds of Celtic interlace because employers seemed endless. This is not only appropriate but also reinforced their traditional belief that marriage is meant to last forever.