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You can even get barefoot sandals to wear on your feet when you are walking barefoot in the sand at her wedding. These can be made of pearls, crystals, shells and even sterling silver. These barefoot sandals lend your beach theme in a very tropical.

There are outstanding shell necklaces, pearls, crystals and sterling silver as well. You can even find glass pendants in the shape of starfish and shells as well. Even a palm that is done in rhinestones style roof, or you can find sea stars in this form instead of glass. Any forms of beach can be done in sterling silver as well.

The bracelets are a nice addition to jewelry to wear if your dress can display. There are some delightful shell design to adorn your wrist. necklace and matching earrings come with them. Complete your beach look with this type of jewelry and it will be a sight to behold in her wedding day.