Black Diamond Engagement Rings | What You Should Know Before Buying

Originating mainly in Brazil and Central African Republic, these diamonds in particular are one of the rarest colors of the gemstone world's most famous, but in fact are not really black. They have small defects in the internal structure of the stone, giving the appearance of being black. Because they are so rare, they are usually more expensive than clear diamonds, but they are so striking and unusual that it is worth every penny. Often set for themselves in an engagement ring, but is more commonly used as a centerpiece, with small diamonds around them clear to contrast with black.

Most people have never really seen black diamond, so you do not realize how beautiful you can see when it is set correctly. It is well worth looking for jewelry stores, or browse some websites for some examples of how they look when set in rings. This may help to appreciate them more.

The world's largest cut black diamond is the Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond, which is the fifth largest diamond in the world. It weighed 587 carats (about 117 grams) before being cut, and was 312.24 carats (about 62.45 grams) after cutting. It was created in a black diamond ring with more than 700 small white diamonds.