Black Titanium Wedding Rings | Black Tungsten Wedding Rings | Black Wedding Ring

The simple fact that titanium is stronger than most metals makes it very popular. As an alloy, there are methods of turning metal into different colors, black is only one of them. Color is not just a coat of paint or color, is actually in the metal. That means it will last longer than most rings.

Titanium is corrosion resistant and stay nice and pristine for decades, which means it will probably outlast the wearer. As a wedding band and lasting is better and will help ensure that the band never gets ruined by things like accidentally dropped in bleach, or that it's in the pool.

Many men do not like to wear jewelry because it feels weird on your finger, but black titanium wedding bands for men are lightweight, do not fall into the same realm as gold. These are very comfortable to use and so light that even feels like a burden. For men who want to take her wedding ring in hand, but do not want anything that is uncomfortable, you can try titanium.