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Tungsten rings are becoming the fashion trend for those looking for a ring. If the ring is used for a piece of fashion, wedding bands or rings for couples, tungsten rings are sure to capture the attention of many. Years ago, when the tungsten carbide rings first hit of the styles of the jewelry market, simple and classic are the main style that is both online and in major jewelry stores. tungsten carbide, a single heavy metal but was cast in very simple styles due to the absolute complexity and hardness of metal. Years later and now every time technology can do many things with tungsten and the possibilities are endless style. Tungsten can now be simple and classic dome design unique plane with the edges in style as the popular or lower beveled edge. The metal, you can even take a step further with new designs carved tungsten color black gold inlays and last single.

Tungsten rings inlaid with unique can be as simple as using precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium to a more unique titanium, carbon fiber, wood and ceramics. Rings inlaid with precious metals are timeless and beautiful. Using gold or platinum inlay is very common for wedding rings and promise rings. Metals show a slight change of tungsten and offer all the same durability of tungsten when protected in the middle of the metal.