Choosing a Watch: Criteria

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Choosing a watch, you need to clearly understand why you need it. If you are going to buy a watch for everyday wear, a classic watch is an ideal choice. In case you need a watch for social events, choose jewelry or designer's item. When you are searching for a watch for leisure or sports, look through sports models (for underwater sports - special diving watches).

Whatever your goals are, note the following details:


Mechanism is perhaps the most important part of any watch, as its reliability affects durability and accuracy of a watch. Japanese are undisputed watch mechanism market leaders (Miyota and Seiko). Swiss manufacturers (Ronda, Eta) offer the biggest range of mechanisms. Their products have traditionally been characterized by high quality, reliability and diversity. The companies making arrangements for watches with digital display also include Japan's Casio.
Trendy Watch 2011
Material of Watch Case.

There are five types of materials with different degrees of strength and price range. Stainless steel and brass are considered best materials. They are used for manufacture of most prestigious watch brands, which cost several thousand dollars. Plastic is of lower rank. It can be both used for manufacture of expensive high-quality watches (for example, Japanese Casio), and cheap copies. Therefore, buying plastic watches, pay attention to a manufacturer. Manufacture of cheap and short-lived watches uses aluminum alloys.


Choosing a bracelet can be approached from different perspectives. One can proceed from design (it is especially true for women and design watches) and material. As a rule, leather bracelets are good absorbents (except when they are impregnated with a special hydrophobic solution) and have high elasticity. At the same time, service life of leather bracelets is much shorter, than that of metal.
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Watch Coating.

Eventually, any coating wears out. This is less true to ceramic and steel coating, and to a greater extent - gold coating. Lacquer coating is the worst option. Chinese manufacturers willingly use it. Therefore, the best coating is its absence, provided a watch is made of stainless steel, titanium alloy or brass.


Glass protects face and hands from damage. Glass come in three varieties: - plexiglass (plastic) - the cheapest material. It is characterized by low resistance to scratching, but as a rule, does not break. To strengthen plexiglass, craftsmen often use spray of artificial sapphire; - crystal (or tempered glass). Artificial sapphire is the most expensive and durable material.
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Shock-resistance is resistance of mechanism to fall on a hard wooden surface from a height of 1 m. As a rule, all sports watches have high shock resistance qualities.

Waterproof Properties.

Mechanism of water-resistant watches is protected by special seals against water. Conventional waterproof watch can withstand slight moisture (rain, spray), but is unsuitable for use in a pool, shower or bath. This does not apply to sports and in particular diving watches: they are waterproof to 100 meters.  Yana Mikheeva
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