Cleaning Silver Wedding Jewellery | Silver Wedding Jewellery

The most requested bridal jewelry is silver and silver needs some care to keep shiny and spotless. This is tarnishing a normal process that happens with all types of silver and is a chemical reaction that occurs on the surface. But because it is only on the surface, including pieces of jewelry tarnished silver wedding should be recoverable, but the best thing to do is keep your wedding jewelry to get spotted in the first place.

Why silver jewelry tarnish wedding?

Silver tarnishes because it comes in contact with hydrogen sulfide found in our atmosphere and everyday objects. Can not stop the process of tarnishing but can slow down the care of the jewels of the silver wedding properly.

How do I stop my wedding jewelry becomes tarnished?

Since silver tarnishes when in contact with hydrogen sulfide are a number of things you can do to stop taint how to keep in an airtight container dry and wet environments accelerate the tarnishing process. Do not store paper, cardboard or wool as these also contain hydrogen sulfide. Manage your wedding jewelry as little as possible because the natural oils from your skin will accelerate the tarnishing process.