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Very often a wedding jewelry set includes a necklace and earrings. Sometimes, however, may also include a bracelet. The most popular jewelry that is worn on the wedding day is pearls. Women love them and are lovely to use strings of pearls beautiful and classic. Natural pearls are usually white or black, but can be dyed any color imaginable. Drop pearls are a timeless beauty and when combined with diamonds, sapphires or emeralds are all sensational.

The crystals are a hot topic in the fashion industry. By incorporating crystals and pearls, they become the perfect accessory to be used for any holiday occasion. The pearls are sometimes placed on a silk cord that gives them even more wonderful feminine quality. Brides who really want to add some drama to your big day is used not only an earring and necklace beautiful, but also allowed one piece front. A very exotic and extravagant is the final result. When a woman feels beautiful, looks beautiful. It shows in his smile, his demeanor and confidence.

Prices are fairly moderate with most jewelry selling for under $ 50. When talking about gold, diamonds and gemstones, the price can be expected to be $ 100 and up. For those wishing to use the best without paying an outrageous price, you should consider renting real gems.