Different Types of Crystal Wedding Jewellery | Wedding Jewellery Set

Quality diamonds are created from glass or faceted glass that helps to reflect light and a backup of a metallic material that is usually silver. It is both of these properties makes diamond jewelry so bright. Diamond stones are also often behind locked in a metal enclosure such as gold or silver. Diamonds are available in many different colors as they are manmade, but most of the diamond wedding jewelry is light in color.

There are a number of different diamond stones such as Swarovski diamonds are sometimes called rhinestones. These are the sort-after diamond due to its high quality. Czech glass are also used in manufacturing of diamonds, which are of exceptional quality and the difference between diamond and Swarovski are minimal. Even diamonds created from Austrian crystal or glass with exceptional shine and make an excellent alternative to Swarovski Diamonds.

True glass jewelry created from glass beads, sometimes the store will show who is the manufacturer or country of origin, sometimes simply called "crystals." If you find that the seller is just referring to them as "crystals" ask specifically what they are like sparkle and shine differs with each brand and type.

If you can afford and not the maximum brightness then Swarovski crystals are considered the highest quality. This is due to its high lead content and its ability to cut glass to ensure accuracy every facet angles for optimum brilliance and sparkle.