Pink Sapphire | The Blushing Gemstone

Although it is pink, this gemstone is a member of the corundum family of sapphires. In fact, there are a multitude of colors available, and blue and are known as "fantasies."

Chemical composition
The chemical composition of this beautiful gemstone tones is aluminum oxide with a little chrome shades of pink. These stones were formed thousands of years as set out in the heat of the earth and pressure. It is possible that pink sapphire earrings and other pieces have been heat treated to create a deeper shade of pink.

Today, the stones of a pink sapphire necklace probably came from either Madagascar or Brazil. These sites gave when he discovered huge deposits in the 90's. Before that, the pink gemstone was very rare for a limited number of parts of Asia came as Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Burma.

Special occasions
Like many gemstones, the sapphire is mapped as a birthstone. September babies can call this gem of their own. To be different, the birthday surprise a girl with pink sapphire earrings instead of nothing is expected. She blushed with pleasure in the unique gift.

This precious stone precious pink can also be used to celebrate a wedding anniversary 45. A pink sapphire necklace is a great way to let her know that she is still as lovely as the blushing young bride 45 years ago. Speaking of love and romance, makes a great gift for Valentine's Day. Yes, the holiday has ruby, but a pink heart-shaped pendant says the same.