Unique Wedding Rings | Timeless Designs to Look For

This is one of the reasons why unique wedding rings make an important part of a couple's life. In fact, wedding bands symbolize a never ending love but as marriages can last for a lifetime, it should also be a reminder that love must be distinct and ever growing to make it last. So, if you are looking for ideas for a one of a kind wedding jewelry, here are some of the most interesting designs you can find. Handmade wedding bands make a good choice for wedding ring sets as these are relatively timeless designs perfect even after several years of marriage. These are available in beautiful braided or woven designs crafted in white gold. Another great choice is a yellow or white gold ring with carved classic designs inspired by the Renaissance period. This ring has a size of 3mm and can be customized based on your ring size.

The 6mm bridal and groom wedding band with engraved diamond pattern also makes a fine addition to your choices. You'd find two rows of diamonds set in a beautifully rolled ring which features comfortable polished edges. For those who have higher budgets, the 7mm wedding band in a combination of white and yellow gold is an elegant choice. What makes this a little pricey is the deeply cut white gold Greek pattern border with fine milgrain bands in yellow gold. This design is also available in all white or yellow gold and you can always interchange the colors; gold for the pattern and white for the border.