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It was Queen Victoria of England, which set the trend. It was the first monarch who wore white on her wedding day and has a beautiful crown upon your head. Since there has been a tradition for brides to wear a white wedding dress, and also approved the "crown", as part of your wedding accessories. One of the most precious crowns was used by Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles.

In 1950, tiaras and resurfaced and became real and not for the rich. They became affordable because instead of using precious stones, jewelry and individual craftsmen use rhinestones to maintain the beauty of a tiara inexpensively. From there, rhinestone has become standard on all wedding accessories, which is affordable to a gemstone jewelry. Rhinestones are available in various shapes and sizes and can be adorned with pearls or crystals well. Can also be customized to suit any occasion of the wedding color.

Apart from bridal tiaras, there are more modern hits that brides and bridesmaids are wearing these days. There are a variety of hair jewelry and other accessories of the head that are now used by many women on different occasions. Usually are in the form of combs, hairpins, headbands and hair sticks that are decorated with stunning crystals, pearls or elegant rhinestones. These are beautiful accessories for brides and bridesmaids can use to add sparkle to your group without too much wear jewelry on the neck, ears, or wrist. These hair accessories are ideal for dances, parties, red carpet, and of course weddings.