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The least expensive of the pearl is not really a pearl at all. Imitation pearls are made of a durable hard substance such as glass, porcelain or plastic. The material is then coated to imitate real pearls. Note that while the underlying material is durable, the coating is subject to scratching and wear. That said, if you treat your purchase with delicacy and make an extra effort to extend the life of imitation pearls, which will serve you well for a very long time.

The cheapest "real" pearl you will find is a synthetic pearl often referred to as a cultured pearl. Prices vary depending on whether you choose a pearl freshwater or seawater. Freshwater pearls require less maintenance than seawater pearls do.

Real pearls are something that is hard to find at a discount. They are very valuable and less a jewelry store decides to offer an incredible deal for some reason, these are probably out of reach. Of course, the price has come down some if you are buying an entire wedding together, like necklace, pearl earrings, and bridal tiara.