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The different bands can also come with inserts that are of other metals or materials such as turquoise. A filler material is embedded in the surface and goes all the way around the ring. The bands with the highest quality wedding often use gold as an embedded material to create a more decorative appearance to the end point. Some of these wedding bands will also use the diamonds and gemstones box around the surface of the piece. Diamonds are also commonly used in the creation of engagement rings that use silver as the metal. There are some new designs incorporating other gemstones in the piece as amethyst or topaz. These are often used as decorative parts of the main diamond gemstone.

There are also many fashionable rings made of various gems. You will see various styles created with stones representing the months of the year. These are the birthstone rings and are available in styles that run with a decorative metal training in creating a particular image, like a heart or flower. Some of these items are sold in sets in gift box which also include matching earrings and bracelets birthstone. In addition to the precious stones used to enhance a ring, there are some types of minerals used as well. These can be natural stone items such as turquoise, onyx or pearl yet.