Wedding rings

I never set out to make wedding rings. I work mainly in silver, I don't usually do solitaires or engagement type rings and I have set precious few diamonds in my career. Most wedding rings I see are gold or platinum and bought as a set with an engagement ring. Very little overlap between what I do and what I saw as wedding rings.
This ring is often used as a wedding ring

Slowly, however, a few people started buying some of my rings as engagement and wedding rings. The first time it happened, I only found out it was going to be used as a wedding band until afterwards, when the bride let me know that the ring had arrived, that she loved it and that she was using it for her wedding. Then, a couple contacted me for a custom set. I admit that I got a few butterflies in my stomach, since these are such special pieces.

This was the first wedding band I made - and didn't know it!

Over time, other couples have asked for custom rings or used some of the bands in my line. Each of them is special to me. Wedding rings have such special meanings and are a symbol of the union. I love the idea that the ring will be worn everyday and loved, will bring a smile to the owner and remind them of a special day and  very special person.

This is often used as a man's band, due to the texture and color
Some couples ask for custom projects, which reflect their unique views and tastes. The challenge often is in creating a pair of rings that suit two different people, yet reflects their union and work together as a pair.

Right now, I can't wait to start working on a pair of bands for a couple that is very close and dear to me. They want something very simple and understated, but still unique. Let's see what the three of us come up with.