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Other features of titanium curve is more dent and scratch resistant compared to gold, silver and platinum. It also offers a variety of exotic colors that other metals. However, titanium has a negative characteristic, it can not resize, because this metal can not be welded. However, you can easily cut your finger in an emergency as in the case of platinum rings, although it is a more difficult compared with platinum rings. Note that in case of a ring of aircraft grade titanium is not possible to cut the ring finger, under any circumstances.

Titanium is generally considered to men due to its lightness, durability and corrosion resistance. Although this metal has been recently introduced into the jewelry market, its popularity seems to be increasing steadily. Sometimes, titanium can also be alloyed with other metals for strength. However, it suggests choosing wedding bands with the purest grade of titanium that can be found. Wedding bands Blue Nile 100% pure titanium wedding bands. A band of pure titanium wedding finger can be cut in an emergency. In addition, the platforms of the wedding of pure titanium can be polished if scratched to make it appear again.

This metal is incredibly lightweight and comfortable, close to 1 / 3 the weight of gold. In addition, a selection of precious stones can be set titanium rings for those who prefer these bands to the normal wedding. The bands can also be done with comfortable fit for daily use as in the case of wedding bands.