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While diamonds are traditionally presented in the Western world in the first round (circular) cutting, diamonds are also available in dozens of other cuts such as pear, heart, marquise, oval, princess, and even in a significant reduction triangular known as "billions." When it comes to the color of a diamond, however, very few people know that there is a whole world out there, beyond traditional course, "colorless" diamonds (not real diamond is colorless, but they often appear that way) .

color of a diamond can range across the spectrum: blue, olive green, yellow, brown, orange, red, pink, purple and black, even. Traditionally known as a rating system for ski lessons, black diamonds have had a big resurgence in the gem world recently, and jewelry firms have become more likely to offer a wide variety of jewelry dark stone. Most jewelry companies now offer the black stone as a more avant-garde of the traditional "colorless" diamond. Pairing a black diamond next to "color diamonds jewelry can give great depth and contrast.

Black diamond wedding rings are starting to become popular among couples looking for something a little different for your wedding. For the ring of women, black diamonds are usually accompanied by smaller "colorless" diamonds in the design of traditional wedding ring, or you can choose to display a large black diamond in the center, or mixture of diamonds small dark with "colorless."