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A diamond-shaped can hide blemishes and bring out the best in quality and value if cut by an expert. There are 10 basic diamond shapes of Diamonds. Diamond Vault Scottsdale offers the widest range of diamond shapes available in the market, the classic round shape heart shape most eccentric and loved.

Round Brilliant: Round brilliant diamonds are the most versatile of all diamond shapes, and that can be used in a wide variety of jewelry and in various styles. The brilliance and sparkle of the round brilliant diamond producing exceptional beauty. It is also the brightest of all cuts.

Oval: The oval-shaped diamond is a brilliant adaptation of the round and generally seem to look bigger than a round stone of the same carat weight. Another positive feature is that, in script form oval tends to be more presentable than a circular as a center stone for the three stone diamond rings.

Princess: Princess Cut diamonds have pointed corners and is traditionally square in shape. These diamonds are just made of rough diamond crystals are of very high quality and very well trained, which usually correlates with the raw cleaner too. Not superb collection of princess cut engagement rings in the vault of diamonds.

Marquesa: The stone marquise shape is an elongated shape with pointed ends. This form looks spectacular in the fingers and it shows the "large" proportion to their weight in carats. If you want the appearance of a large rock, then this is the way to you!