Diamond Wedding Rings | Diamond Wedding Rings For Women

Diamond rings wedding for women tend to be more discreet and affordable engagement rings, but there are a variety of styles available, and a fairly wide range of what can be expected to pass. The most common styles of diamond rings for women are the channel setting and pave setting. In channel settings, diamonds next to each other along a downspout, which can go all the way around the band, or just along the front. Pavé wedding rings settings can have a little more variation in terms of styles, and sometimes other precious stones, or more rows of diamonds and other stones.

Of these two styles, the pavé setting is generally more expensive, and certainly striking. Even pavé settings can be surprisingly affordable, however, because the diamonds used are generally very small. Larger diamond rings offered in other types of settings are also available, but these tend to be very expensive.

diamond rings Men almost always fit one of only a few basic styles. One is the style of bezel, which uses a small amount of diamonds (sometimes even just one) about the band in the splices. These are a good choice because they look subtle, classy, ​​while the bezel diamond helps provide extra protection. channel configuration can also be used in diamond rings for men, usually with small slots, 3 diamond at intervals around the band.