Disney Princess Wedding Rings | Disney Wedding Rings

The world we live in can not be an exact fairy tale, but the ladies feel like Cinderella. The use of glass slippers is probably the most practical thing to do, but a beautiful pair of stiletto heels paired with an exquisite dress. Above all mounted on a specially designed Cinderella horse carriage to any place for a special occasion like a wedding or a graduation party, can bring this fairy tale very close to reality.

Like the coach who was transformed by a pumpkin fairy godmother, Cinderella of transport today is just like the way it is described in the story. The car is shaped like a pumpkin, but with royalty and elegance in all angles, like the fairy tale has represented. It is not very large, high transport, but these cars can accommodate four people. If hired and used for a wedding, the beautiful bride can ride in this car like the princess's story with much anticipation for the most memorable experience ahead Cinderella.

Cinderella carriages today are, of course, not pumpkin or created with magic. A Cinderella carriage is made of metal pieces that form together to form a large structure and beautiful with lush seats and wheels capable. Some cars can be driven by a motor, but that would ruin the effect you want to accomplish in reviving the story of Princess Cinderella. A horse is a better option if you travel by car from Cinderella. Because these cars are very delicate in design, some companies that offer these car rentals only offer cars at a specific distance to travel. You will need to discuss some details with the company regarding the venue and distance transport Cinderella needs to travel.