Fashion Jewelry Sets | Fashion Jewelry Wedding

If you are lucky to be the bride has many options of what kind of accessories to wear. Perhaps you are more than simple type and want to keep your jewelry and accessories as basic as possible. But then again, maybe you're big, glamorous pieces, striking looks. If you're more interested in a simple kind of style, you may want to think of earrings, perhaps even diamond stud or pearl. You can even use a simple diamond or pearl bracelet and a necklace. You probably already have an engagement ring at this point, for what counts as an accessory too. If you're more into big pieces, flashy jewelry, you might want to look in fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry can be found in many stores such as Marshalls, Ross, and even Nordstroms. You can find gold, silver and diamond pieces. Maybe you want a pendant and chandelier style necklace.

Some brides are hair pieces and others. You can find some really beautiful jewelry pieces to stick on your hair, or your hairdresser can even provide you with these wedding day, when she does her hair. There are beautiful nails clips, pins and pearl pieces, you can set in your hair. You may want to consider establishing extensions for the wedding, or just want to show their natural hair.

A bridesmaid wants to look elegant, but also not to take away the limelight from the bride. Therefore, you may want to minimize their accessories a bit so you can leave to show his girlfriend. You may want to stay with a simple necklace with a pearl, or a simple diamond necklace. Bridesmaids can also put gems and studs in her hair.