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Brides and grooms want to help you make the decision on which diamond ring or diamond engagement ring to buy. Here are some useful information on various diamond cutting. We expect this to your search and the ring of "right" diamond easier, like "Cut" is one of the 4 C's of diamond selection.

Diamond Cuts

"Cut" is one of the 4 C's of diamonds, and a very essential accessory for any design engagement ring. Court is measured by the number, arrangement, and the quality of the facets of the diamond.

Round Cut

The round brilliant cut round and is one of the most popular for diamond engagement rings, offering the maximum brightness. Round cut a total of 58 facets, and people like them because they are so versatile.


Princess cut is a relatively new development in the 1960, second in popularity only to complete today's bright rings diamonds. The princess cut color highlights, so it is not recommended for colored diamonds J. princess cut diamonds have pointed corners and are generally square shaped, but may be rectangular too. Published relationship length and width can help you choose a ring that complements the style of the ring the best.

Oval Cut

The oval cut diamond comes in a variety of ratios of length and width, ranging from very high and close to almost circular. oval cut has similar brightness to the round cut, but the elongated shape is more flattering for women with small hands or short fingers. The oval cut has enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity in engagement rings.