Indian Bridal Jewelry | Indian Wedding Bridal Jewelry

Wedding jewelry is chosen carefully, as it should go well with the wedding dress. The latest trends as well as religious and cultural practices also play an important role in the form of wedding dresses for the wedding. This applies not only to the clothes she wears, but also jewelry. beautiful jewelry worn by the bride completes the bridal look. In a large majority of Indian weddings to find brides wearing gold, which is the preferred metal. But that does not mean that other metals are ignored. Some brides also opt for the silver, white gold, diamond or platinum. Precious stones like ruby, pearl and emerald jewelry used to complement the dress worn by the bride.

Common Elements Jewelry

Jewelry worn by Indian brides are very similar, although there are regional and cultural differences. One of these pieces of jewelry is the patti or mangtikka Shringar - this comes in the line of hair and can be extended to the hairline to the ears. Necklaces and earrings are also common in all regions. Most brides wear very ornate necklaces and game pieces of ear rings. The bridal jewelry is mainly used as an accompaniment to the wedding dress and accessories often their color - are widely used gemstones in earrings, necklace sets.

nose ring or nath as it is often called a long string attached to it, and hooked to the bride's hair above the ears. nose piercing is fashionable and there are many takers naths, wedding or otherwise. Bracelets symbolize Indian culture - despite all the regional and cultural differences, bracelets are worn by all women in India. Not to mention its importance in a wedding, this is mainly used in gold, sometimes even used glass bangles. Rings and bracelets are also used to decorate the bride's arms.