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What many people do not realize is the fact that the ancient and Byzantine jewelry has been a tradition, even during Roman times, this is due to the fact that issues related to Christianity were not very common to sixth and fifth century. Besides this, many people are not aware that the rating system used by the gold actually came from Byzantium, and its currency known as 'freezing' is divided into 24 keratia. During this time, Alexandria and Antioch were the most popular among all producing gold until the sixth century, the two were arrested for Constantinople when people increasingly fond of putting stones in its various gold jewelry. Besides this, Byzantine jewelry is also known by many people to be very good glaze also works because this is a time when Byzantine particular is very rich in gold. As a matter of fact, they were able to obtain 320,000 pounds of gold from the Treasury right after Emperor Anastasius died.

During the late 11 th century, only few people are aware that the lust for gold and religion is in balance. The specific reason for the greed for gold is that gold is so abundant during this time and, furthermore, the goldsmiths were only dependent on gold traded and captured. Since AD ​​700 was an important moment for Byzantine because they were using their resources exonomic get more gold to Europe. This has been possible by the trade of various goods required as linen, cotton and silk, even, for that reason, the European jewelry began to turn into metal using silver as his primary election.