Male Wedding Rings | Man Wedding Band

These wedding rings are very attractive man, the design is the Ardagh Chalice. The Ardagh Chalice is believed to be one of the first example of such handicrafts. Although no definite meaning attached to the designs on the cup, the ring of warrior has found their own associations. Warrior ring has been associated with the loyalty and strength, so a great choice for any bride.

Men's Claddagh Wedding Bands
The Claddagh ring was originally given a man a woman, however in recent years has become more unisex. The Claddagh contains hands of friendship, the heart of true love and the crown of loyalty, so wonderfully appropriate for a man or a woman. Most grooms opt to have the Claddagh design engraved on a gold band instead of the band formed in the symbols of the Claddagh.

Knots and twists Bands Men's Wedding
These designs have a simple meaning that the other two designs, the intertwining of two people. The designs of the knots and twists vary greatly and can be as complicated or as simple as you want. Celitc Many jewelers have their own personal touch and designs of knots.