Prom Jewelry And Shoes | Prom Jewelry Sets

Choose a handbag that either mesh or match the color of your ball gown. A simple satin bag works well and allows you to put your own decorations, like a flower or some stars of accounts. Also, make sure the bag is big enough to carry your lipstick, cell phone and car keys, but still small enough to never be a drag on his night.

Vintage Jewelry

Instead of getting the ball in his jewelry store variety of neighborhood, why not consider a visit to their outlets near vintage clothing in search of some kind of special, one of the pieces in your class? If you prefer simple as antique silver, pearls and precious stones or intricate jewels, a vintage clothing store will likely have a few well-made jewelry with a lot of old world charm. If you are wearing a simple dress and be like a single element that really stands out, why not buy your jewelry in a local artist's studio or gallery? This really is a way to prevent cookie cutter jewelry and get some parts that could taste for many years in the future. Be aware not to be very demanding with her jewels. If you are wearing a dress with many details, you want to keep jewelry simple.


Choose shoes that complement your team, but yet be comfortable to wear. You will find it difficult to dance all night in stilettos tight! Get your dancing shoes well in advance so you can break a bit before using them on the night of prom. Note that you'll be up all night and you would not like wounds the next day. If you are putting in a simple costume, in fact could be played to the feet by the selection of footwear accessories accounts or other details. If you are going to get on the open toe shoes make sure to get a pedicure and select a nail polish color to flatter your computer right.