Rhinestone Bridal Jewelry | Rhinestone Jewellery Sets

Rhinestone jewelry vintage is very beautiful to behold and to simulate diamonds. The best rhinestones are cut from quartz crystal. rhinestone jewelry vintage comes in many exciting colors and give a wonderful glow effect.

These glass pieces were originally screened from the river Rhine in Austria and after the Second World War became as exciting as diamonds. Over the years, original jewelry gave way to mass-produced glass gems, but there are some features that offer the finest variety. They will be part faceted prong set and polished. The spark will help determine the quality. Crafts often come across a piece of vintage jewelry as well.

When talking about jewelry rhinestone vintage is a lot of different terminology used. No jewelry modernist art that originated in Paris, France, and jewelry from this period dates from about 1890 to 1910. The era of Art Deco jewelry dating from around 1925 to 1940. dress clips and clips of the skin were very popular during these times and often were made with shiny rhinestones.

A beautiful type of jewelry vintage rhinestone is the Aurora Borealis. Rhinestones were given a special iridescent film was developed in 1955 and the layer produces a rainbow of colors. These stones are beautiful to the eye and were very popular in the years 1950 and 1960.