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Kate and William met at the University of St. Andrews in 2001. At the start of university life, which were in the same story, of course, art. But Williams later changed to geography. For a long time in shared accommodation with friends. Kate William encouraged to fight through university life. They were exposed in public when the photo of them skiing in Switzerland. People will always speculate if you have participated this October was released.

The engagement ring

We all know that the engagement ring he gave to Prince William Kate was the dazzling sapphire ring his mother Princess Diana. Kept first Prince Harry who first took it as a reminder to keep after his death. It was alleged that whoever committed the children first use. Sapphires are a symbol of heavenBoth princes have deep emotional connection to this beautiful ring. Some people thought that this ring is engraved with the past, Prince William should have chosen another, others believe it represents a new beginning. Do you agree?

The Royal Wedding procession

It is probably not a direct route from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. This is due to address the crowds. Processions can make their way to the mall after leaving Buckingham Palace, then pass through Admiralty Archanda Whitehall. After passing by Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, royal processions arrive at Westminster Abbey.