Tattoo Wedding Ring | Finger Tattoo Designs

Adventurous couples choose wedding rings tattooed as they are more durable. The permanence of a tattoo is a powerful symbol and reminder to persevere, and things work. Some people go for tattooed wedding rings just to be modern or different from others. Some people opt for this type of wedding rings as a placeholder until they can afford a real ring. Some other rebel against real rings in total, with tattoos as an alternative to a diamond ring.

Still others opt for rings tattoo and her place of work a real ring would be lost. When people are allergic to metal rings are tattooed. Although the practice has existed for centuries, is once again is fashionable now.

Choosing a wedding ring tattooed:

tattooed rings are much more serious commitment and the choice of tattoo is a painstaking process. Tattooed wedding rings should be carefully selected and once selected can not be changed according to the change in taste often. There are so many design options to choose from, as the literal option to get a design tattooed on their ring fingers, the first name, nickname, initials of loved ones, an image with great sentimental value, and the date they met or any other secret code that only couples can understand.

Standard range laser tattoo removal from $ 1.500 to $ 3000 and can take up to two years. According to Lisa Fasula tattoo artist, there was a large increase in wedding rings tattooed few years ago and now there is a large increase in the tattoo removed and the relations of composition. It could be that tattoos are more permanent than marriage.