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Why do men have a difficult time to find out your ring size? First, most men do not wear rings until they get married and that is why you need to know your ring size suddenly. Then he goes to find the jewelry to get your fingers measures a hassle, especially if you are buying a ring online for better pricing and have no intention of buying a ring of jewelry that are asking to measure your finger.

One of the easiest and most accurate to know the ring size of the comfort of your own home is to go online and find a wedding ring retailer that offers a free ring sizer. Reputable companies are generally not involved in sending a team ring sizer free of charge. However, make sure you have an image of the ring sizer that you send. This is because not all ring gauges are the same. There are many companies trying to save money by sending more sizer ring, which is the type that looks like a belt of little or plastic flange strap around your finger and then read the size of your discount indicator.

These will give you a good estimate of the size of your finger, but can not be completely accurate, since it can not pull too tight or pull hard enough, which gives a reliable reading. Unlike shoes, rings usually have to be exactly the right size. Most people can have a shoe size is a half size larger and will not cause any problems. However, a ring is a half size larger tends to slip too easily when your hands are wet, which makes the ring falling to dry hands or, worse, fall into the sink drain when it comes wash your hands.