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Note that if you select a color crystal jewelry set, you do not have to match the color of your wedding. Selecting a set of ivory or precious necklace of champagne is a lovely accent color that will bring a sparkle to your bridal party while allowing the wedding color to highlight fully in the bridesmaids dresses.

If you are getting married in spring or summer, you can choose lighter colors like sky blue, lavender, mint green. autumn and winter are a brilliant backdrop of burgundy, chocolate, black or jewelry sets bridesmaid.

The choice of a necklace of different configurations for each of your bridesmaids is also another great option. You are technically giving everyone the same gift but are adapting the design to your personality. Everyone has a friend who is bigger than life. She loves to have fun and bright bustling. The perfect necklace set for her would be a set of rhinestone jewelry that is big and bold. Think very bright to match his bright personality.