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Engagements and weddings - The Claddagh symbol is well known for his portrayal of love and has become for many a symbol of eternal commitment. Claddagh rings involvement will increase in popularity, and may be a special election if the bride-to-be is of Irish descent or not. If the silver wedding favors, you should have no problem locating a silver Claddagh ring. Silver is a very sturdy metal, and the ring you buy is adorned his finger in the coming years.

Birthday - Whether a new baby comes into the world or the conclusion of many years of a loved one, a birthstone ring Claddagh is a serious and appropriate gift. If you know a mother or someone who recently had a baby, you can find a Claddagh ring with the appropriate stone for their new bundle of joy. If you want to give a birthstone ring Claddagh to a friend or family member, locate the month you were born and the associated stone. You can even make the gift more personalized learning a little about the stone and its history and properties, and can share that history with the person receiving the gift.