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This transformation also occurs in the life of a new couple as they prepare to shed his former life as a single enter the sacred bond of marriage. Many people believe they see a couple of butterflies often means true love. In some places it is also believed that if a butterfly is in a person's shoulder, then it is a sign of approaching good fortune. Butterflies also mean the delicacy and fragility of life, as they are delicate creatures. Hence the proverb of "butterflies in the stomach" often means anxiety as we join in a unique and delicate link. Today, many couples choose butterfly-shaped jewelry to signify good luck and ever lasting love.

Butterflies are seen by many as a symbol of faith and life of the couple undergoes a major transformation after marriage. Often, many couples who have been around and they love to be a little different after marriage. They do not understand what has changed and the relationship is going crazy. Here, with butterfly jewelry may realize that change is a way of life and that faith is the only constant in the world. A butterfly tells us we have to change for the better and see the positive side of our lives.