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One way to reduce some of the costs is to go back to 18k instead of 14k gold or platinum. If you take this route can be sacrificed to keep their gold and diamond carats bigger if that's where you prefer to spend their money. If you can find a wholesaler of jewelry instead of buying a final source can also save a lot of jewelry, jewelry sets, especially the bride. Within the jewelry industry is a bridal jewelry market that experiences some of the highest profit margins because traders know they can be much higher prices. These are the steps you can take to find cheap bridal jewelry sets online today.

1. Determine the type of gold you want either 14k, 18k and white gold or yellow. Of course you spend the most on platinum, but if you're trying to save money it might not be the best metal for you.

2. Would you consider buying cubic zirconia wedding jewelry? Perhaps not as bad of a choice, especially if you are financially strapped.

3. At first, try not to buy at the store who buys from a wholesaler. See if you can find a direct source and save to the retailer benefited. Not a bad approach to take and can help you save a huge amount.