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Antique or vintage, engagement rings are purchased in one of three ways, and each has its advantages and caveats. First, you can access a piece of jewelry a family heirloom that could serve as an engagement ring. In this case, you should be prepared for a master jeweler cleaning, polishing, and customize in any way represent the uniqueness of their relationship. (. You can upgrade the stone to a larger diamond, or add sidestones or gold detail around the ring shank) Secondly, you can find the perfect engagement ring from a source that sells real antiques, distributors of goods jewelry, pawn shops and online retailers are a common source for these items. Finally, it is possible to buy an engagement ring in the new configuration of a jewelry designer today is based on an old style. It offers comfort and contemporary jewelry quality construction methods, with a look that matches your desired style of an earlier era. In this case, it is more useful to browse the selections of online jewelry vendors that offer options for customizing the jewelry, so that your finished piece can still be "one of a kind."

antique jewelry, especially the art deco period, is often geometric in nature, based on various diamond shapes and cuts to achieve the desired visual effect. Using a diamond-shaped square, Asscher diamond engagement rings, in particular, to highlight the geometric angles using adjusted and gold to emphasize the corners and edges. These are often produced with a split cane, where the band of the ring is divided into multiple threads to wrap around the center stone. Baguette or trilliant sidestones form can also be incorporated into an engagement ring three stone to an even more dramatic.