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The best advice I can give at this moment is to forget everything you thought you knew about buying gifts. There are theories as "go with the flow ',' fabulous fashion" and "bigger is better" simply does not apply when choosing your engagement ring. In fact, take me to base their choice of ring fashion trends of today would be risky, even reckless. Your precious ring is much more important than that.

Choose a ring for her.

Looking at the styles of diamond engagement ring to his first thought should be about your partner what you want, the leading lifestyle and how you feel about each other.

Think of your day to day and style. If it takes a lot of jewelry and love to shine so maybe a three-stone rings or a loner who has a smooth luxurious "to establish that his suit. If she has a refined taste bet then keeping it simple with a solitaire diamond spectacular would be appreciated.

You can get diamond engagement ring styles have recorded a variety of prints for those who like a more ancient and there are rings whose central element is the voltage set to give the illusion of a "floating" diamond. The band also modern designs compliment the modern woman who likes to stand.

If your wife loves the color in your life, then the addition of precious stones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies of the ring no doubt delight.

La Banda

When it comes to the band, their hands and fingers. A woman with long, slender fingers fit into a ring with a smaller band width, while a woman with fingers thicker line with a thicker band met them.