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Garnet is the most expensive shiny green variety called Demantoid (diamond like). Garnets also had a place in the ritual symbolism. Garnet was one of the twelve stones in the breastplate of Aaron, who represents the tribe of Judah, King Solomon was adorned with maroon when going into battle.

His expertise and reasonable prices have made the favorite stone for those born in the month of January. It became the official birthstone of January 1912. Beauty, variety, hardness, clarity and tradition that perfect garnet birthstone for January. Friendship, loyalty and sincerity are some of the traits that garnet is said to bring a January baby. This stone is also said to have the power to ensure good health and protect the owner during the trip.

Garnets have been thought to promote healing, especially blood disorders. As an amulet, was very much favored by travelers, as noted to protect and preserve the honor and health, cure the user of all illness and the guard against dangers during travel. All these powers is said that two of those born in the month of January. The victory in battle, protection against snake bites and loyalty in love - these are just some of the meanings associated with garnets in her birthstone. Both Queen Victoria and Mary Queen of Scots is said to have favored garnet jewelry during their reigns.

Garnets are also traditionally gifted people who celebrate their second wedding anniversary, it is your anniversary stone. birthstone jewelry is one of the best gifts you can give someone you love. Giving a birthstone gift to a person who is said to bring good luck. It is the most elegant and stylish addition to worship at the library of anyone.