Gents Wedding Rings | German Wedding Rings

There are many ways for a couple to commemorate a special occasion. Give your jewelry is probably the most popular and is a gift that she will have forever. A popular style is the diamond wedding ring. These are presented to celebrate the day, a man and a woman became husband and wife. While it is generally reserved for milestone anniversaries like 25, can be given in any year. There are a couple of different designs used for this type of ring.

The two most popular are channel set diamonds that cover about 3 / 4 of the band. Another style uses three or more larger stones set on the teeth. Or a combination of both can also be found - a large stone, two small on each side and then the channel set baguettes or round stones in the band. It really depends on your taste and how much you spend.

This style can be used in different ways. Some women like to wear on the right ring finger and keep your diamond wedding rings on the left. However, this style also can take the place of the traditional set of the left. It's really all about preferences.

The eternity band has a similar style, but instead of 3 / 4 channel set stones, diamonds go all the way. This ring symbolizes endless love and can be anywhere, even on an anniversary. It is often used instead of a gold wedding ring to complete the engagement ring.

Stones can be round or square, as long as get all the way around the band. It is an elegant but simple to celebrate the love of a partner. Whether for an anniversary gift to celebrate the day we met, after the birth of a son and many other times, this style is a perfect way to show the eternal love.

Gold or silver wedding rings are beautifully complemented by the style. Because of its simplicity, not detract from the beauty of the whole wedding. Also can be worn on the right ring finger. There are no fixed rules about using any of these styles.