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Jared jewelry stores promise to provide the same ultimate shopping experience exciting for their online businesses that offer online. The shopping experience is said to be good prices, a team of experts in front and behind the counter. Since 1993, when the first jewelry store Jared was open to the public, its mission was to revolutionize the way they were jewelry stores in operation.

This is the fourth largest company in the business of jewelry sales, with over 170 stores, or equivalent to store 700 as a commercial center of the January 31, 2009. However, Signet Jewelers Limited the parent company is considered the largest specialty retailer in the world today. Seal of the U.S. division operates 1.317 stores in 50 states on January 29, 2011.

Target superstores offices nationally and Jared Jewelry Gallery and is part of the law Jewelers Inc., which is part of Signet Jewelers Limited. His' UK operations division as the tents of the renowned Samuel H. and Ernest Jones, which are located in prime locations in the High Street and major shopping centers in major cities throughout the UK.

This division Signet Jewelers Limited operates about 540 stores on January 29, 2011 and this includes 17 stores in the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands. Unlike most jewelers and jewelry stores, Jared not only offer a lifetime warranty on all certified diamonds more than $ 300, but also offer free inspection of their diamonds and clean them for you too.