Jewelry Wedding Rings | Jewish Wedding Ring

In a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony, wedding rings play a central role in traditional weddings in many other countries. Jewish law states that a mere oral statement of commitment, however solemn, is not enough for a man and a woman is considered married. To strengthen Jewish law, the delivery of a wedding ring is considered an outward symbol of the sanctity of marriage.

The ring must be of solid metal, especially gold, no holes or porosity destroy the circle. Continuity of the rings represents the hope of eternal love and eternal union.

The ring must be purchased and donated by the family of the groom to the bride at the time of the Jewish wedding ceremony. The ring is used as an item of value given to the bride to complete the marriage contract. While only one Jewish wedding ring is required by Jewish law to be given by the groom to the bride, many Jewish couples exchange rings today. There are certain sections of the Orthodox rabbis who disapprove of a double ring ceremony. Is your argument that it invalidates the idea that the groom acquiring the bride if the bride also to give a ring back to him.

Jewish wedding rings are usually made of solid gold bands, although these bands mbellishment Hebrew letters is becoming widespread. Many rings are now completely personalized with unique phrases in Hebrew, or the names of the couple, whether registered or filed within the band. Orthodox wedding ring need to be strong all the way through a full circle. No need to be solid gold and can be any other metal. Jewish wedding rings are made in silver also follow the trend by some cabal that requires a silver wedding ring to be used in wedding ceremonies.